Who moved my goal post? Your goal posts have been moved by COVID19 in 2020?

Redefine your goalpost!

Did you miss the boat – boat of change in 2020? It is not too late, kudos to you for realizing that change is essential, and it is still not too late.

Start working on change now, no, probably change is not specific enough,


Redefine your goal posts based on your SWOT analysis. Transformation may also mean giving up some or all of what you are or have been doing. This calls for brutal self-evaluation, critical assessment and strategic forward planning and implementation.

When you can redefine the goal post, you are actually changing the game – to your own strength, to your own advantage. You do not always need to play along with the market, or play to the same goal posts as others, or swim with the sharks in the red ocean.

Time to transform your business, redefine your goal posts, swim in the blue ocean!


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