Ensure Success in the Market

Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) Management

Courageous companies can use the downturn to make their sales operations not only less expensive but also more effective [1]

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Consumer Loyalty & Reward Tracking​

It is at least 5x more expensive to recruit a new user than to retain on [2].

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Product Launch & Market Strategy

As many as 95% of new products introduced each year fail....that is true even when they are backed by big companies and attached to well known brands"[3]

  • Market Research, and Product Concept Testing
  • Find a new, innovative need angle for Product Positioning
  • Market Access Strategy (specialized for Consumer Health products)


[1] “Cutting sales costs, not revenues”, Anumparn Agarwal et.al.McKinsey Quarterly – March 2009.
[2] “The Value of Keeping the Right Customers”, Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review, 29 October 2014.
[3] “New, improved…and failed”, Laurie Burkitt and Ken Bruno, Forbes, 24 March 2010

Reduce Risk and increase Peace of mind

Compliance & Process Management

“Compliance risk is rated by CEOs as a top business risk in need of attention”[4]

  • In Pharma Industry, compliance ranks among the top audit highlights
  • Most companies still use manual (paper) processes for tracking and managing compliance
  • This makes it difficult for audit and tracking purposes
  • It is also time and resource (both manpower anblink cash) intensive and highly inaccurate (risks)
  • PAL Solutions can automate your compliance tracking and management

    [4] “EY Business Pulse Report 2013 – 2015”,Ernst and Young