• September 2, 2023
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The Sales Number is just a number.

You can have the entire organization chasing it – will that help you achieve the number? Most often not.

Or should your entire organization be Consumer-Centric? Putting the CONSUMER in the CENTER of everything you do? After all, the purpose of business is to create a customer * (consumer)? Should he or she then not be the center of everything we do – to recruit more new consumers, increase consumption, extend consumption? 

Imagine putting the CONSUMER in the center, who will be the stake-holders you put in the blue, green, brown, turquoise, purple and orange boxes?

Imagine you have stake-holders mapping like “store manager”, “promoters” and your priorities and focus will suddenly become very different.

You will start to set very different Activities and KPIs. You can also start to look at “Motivation/Incentivizing” vs “Policing/Punishment” for performance management. To track Activity Execution and KPIs systematically, you need a system like SalesTrakPAL® **.

To start your consumer-centric journey, talk to [email protected]

* Quote by Peter Drucker

** SalesTrakPAL® is a joint development between PAL Solutions and Mitsui Group, Japan.

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