• February 8, 2022
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Almost a year into COVID19, have you made any changes? Or are you waiting for “pre-COVID19” days to return?

I am talking about both work life and personal life.

Let us face it, COVID19 has changed the world, and forever. The “good old times” as we knew will never return. It will never be the same again.

The good sales and stable markets are changed. The travel market has been wiped out. Airlines bankrupted. The hotel industry is badly hit. The brick-and-mortar retail is shrinking at an unstoppable pace. Dine in restaurants closed, take away food outlets boom. Home kitchens and “cloud kitchen” has put the food and dining scene on its head. Old, established players are challenged by upstarts. There is a Revolution!!!

Bad new sales. The press and media make the best of it – taking about the bad and the fallout from COVID19 so much. Less time and visibility are given to “good news”.

At the same time, we see an explosion of online stores and resellers. This is the age of the new entrepreneurs – setting up a new online business has never been easier. Online shoppers never had it so good, trawling the global market for variety and the best deals, aided by increasing number of shopping concierge and “shop-for-me” and “ship-for-me” sites, all shrinking the world for shoppers. The pressures and stress or confinement arising from WFH, has inspired more shopping spend for many, and has created many new rich and some old rich richer.

The market is not dead with COVID19. The market has just gone through the biggest paradigm shift without evening knowing it.

Markets and Industries have changed or moved or shifted – depending on which perspective you look from.

The key is – have you changed? Adapted?

Do not wait for the market to change you.

Be proactive!

Seize the opportunity!

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