• September 2, 2023
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 In the recently concluded IAAF CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 in London, in the men’s 10,000 m event, Mo Farah tripped at the curb not once but twice in the final lap, but he still went on to win the race. He also required 3 stitches to two spike wounds received in the race.

It calls to mind, Mo Farah in the same event in the RIO OLYMPICS 2016. With 16 laps to go, he was accidentally tripped up by his training partner Galen Rupp.

Mo said  “At one moment I thought my dream was over, my race was over. I tried to be tough, and that is what I did.” Mo Farah picked himself up and went on to win the Olympic gold medal.

Very often in business, we are tripped up, we face competition, we face challenges, we face changes and disruptions.

How do we handle these says a lot of ourselves, and will show in the results and reflect on the people we work with.
In the face of adversity, do not be afraid.
When we are knocked down, pick ourselves up, get up and keep on going.

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