Very often we are overwhelmed by so many variables and inputs and it may be difficult to make sense of all the data.

We often may end you with a table like the one below – we have all individual activity performance on one side, and they are in silos… then we have the sales results on the otherside…

What is the correlation?

How are these Activities and KPIs linked to the Sales Target and objectives?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, very often the link is “flimsy” at best.

For example, how does “Call rate per day” linked to Sales Target and Objectives?

Another example, how does “Coverage of Class A customer” linked to Sales Target and Objectives? 

For SFE (Sales Force Effectiveness) to be effective, we need to take a very strategic view of the Activities and KPIs to be tracked and measured. They need to have a link to the Sales Target and Objectives. The more direct the link (higher chance of success), the higher should be the weightage, and the higher should be the incentive. Understanding the sales process and designing the Activity Tracking and KPI Measurement is crucial. Ultimately, a good SFE program is to motivate and reward, not punish.   

PAL Solutions together with MOCAP Limited (part of Mitsui Group, Japan), developed a closed-loop MATRIX model to track Activities and KPIs, and incentivize good performance.

For more information on MATRIX tracking please contact [email protected]

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