• February 8, 2022
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They are all symbols representing change (of value in mathematics, IT and science).

How has COVID19 changed you – personally and in the way you work?

COVID19 has changed the world so much, that we are all effected in some way or another. Our daily routine is disrupted. Those of us who enjoy going to the park for morning walks, now the parks are closed.

Those of us who enjoy a good cup of coffee with a buddy on a Saturday morning, the cafés are now closed. Can only have take away.

Those of use who are hurried through from one meeting room to another for discussions and meetings, now are stuck in our chair at home, switching from one ZOOM meeting to the next.

Those of us who enjoy the daily lunch meeting with colleagues, to talk through business issues, now must make do with order-in meals – and eating in front of the computer.

Those of us who visits customers for daily contact and follow up, suddenly find that we are now locked down at home and have to use technology to connect with clients to close sales.

No matter, what we do, where we are, we are impacted in some way, some more, some less. Some for better, some for worse.

COVID19 is the best time for CHANGE!

Many who see COVID19 as a temporary “bump” in their path – will not see the need or want to make strategic or long term changes. They think in another 6 months, I will go back to “work as usual” in the office. They are wrong! COVID19 will change the way we work, and in many ways permanently – if we do not change, the market will change us.

For corporations and businesses, wanting to reinvent and be prepared for “reopening or emergence of the new market”.

For individuals, making plans for change, capitalize on the new market opportunities after COVID19.

If you are a corporation or business looking to change, or need a change agent, talk to us.

If you are an individual, need a coach for change, talk to us.

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