About the speaker

Pin Kee Lam


• Hi there, I am Pin Kee Lam.

• I have been senior executive worked in Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years, in area of Pharmaceuticals, OTC Consumer Health, Nutrition Products, etc

• Has held Asia-Pacific, SE Asia P&L responsibility positions, which helps in Big Picture strategy visualization and resource deployment strategies

• Has also held country positions in a large, complex market environments which give good understand of strategy development, execution and implementation, Performance mapping and tracking

• Started PAL Solutions Pte Ltd in Singapore in 2016 and have since helped many companies from MNCs, Fortune 500 companies, to regional corporation in many areas of change and transformation, especially through the COVID19 pandemic years.

• Product Curation and Strategy (New product development)

• Business model change (fixed cost mode to variable cost model)

• Team Restructuring and reorganization – often this is a very real and necessary part of organization change and growth. Discuss with us – we can help brain storm your ideas and come up with implementation strategies that will have minimum disruptions and put your business back on the growth track.

• Over the years, I have built up contacts and partnerships with experts and professionals in various fields and expertise, across Asia-Pacific and will be a good position to help me