When I left corporate after 30 over years in country and regional executive positions, I felt that so much in corporate is counting the digits and looking at short term results to manage quarterly reporting.

We do not look at sustainable results because of pressures or because

Companies build systems from HQ down, but it often does not meet local country requirements. A $1 billion market is very different from a new entry $1-2 million market.

Understanding of cultural aspect is also very important – we need to understand the local culture and what to look for to help enforce execution and performance. I was once discussing with a senior executive of a large MNC and I say let me deploy my app to help verify if the team is working in the field. When I deploy to check, many of the sales team members were actually starting work late, often after lunch.

Negotiation of a business contract – is often seen as “win-lose”. Both parties want to win? This is often made on the wrong assumption that I must win. But if you are often winning, and the partner is losing – and they are not making sufficient profit – why would they want to continue to be in business with you. My philosophy – contract negotiation must be a “win-win”, and by helping the business partner – you are in fact helping yourself.